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“Think of your home and garden as the one space. Consider them together and let the wonder of good design integrate the spaces and enable you to flow between the hard elements and the soft, effortlessly and smoothly, so no matter where you are on your property, you are enjoying both.”

- Matt Leacy, Landart Director and Principal Designer

Home living and entertaining no longer stops at the back door. In modern homes that champion both style and lifestyle, outdoor living spaces are increasingly becoming intertwined through modern landscaping and garden maintenance.

As traditional indoor features continue to make their way outside, outdoor landscapes are drifting inside homes more and more – from inner-city urban dwellings to large suburban properties.

No matter where you live, landscape design is a huge part of creating a healthy lifestyle – plants complement architecture to perfection.

The way that a home’s gardens, pool and outdoor features integrate with each other (as well as indoor living areas) is key to maximising the use, aesthetic, enjoyment, scale and value of any property.

We believe that a holistic landscape design approach is essential to getting the most out of a home’s living and entertaining spaces – whether they’re inside or out.

An overarching integration of the entire property is at the heart of any Landart landscape design, build or maintenance project.