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Garden Lighting Design
Bring your vision to light with our garden lighting design services in Sydney. Whether you want to illuminate just one feature or a whole space, the Landart team can consult on all aspects of your landscape lighting plans and help turn your dream into a perfect reality. Our lighting process is bespoke and tailored to your individual needs, desires and budget. We’ll first meet you onsite to discuss your ideas and our concepts before going away to create a garden lighting design proposal that fits you. Then, once all approved, we’ll get to work on brightening up your space. It’s...
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Things You May Not Know About The Jacaranda Tree
The dreamy haze of purple-blue lined streets. Fallen flowers that make a beautiful carpet of blue. Who doesn’t leave the beautiful jacaranda tree? With Spring upon us, we thought we’d compile some facts about our favourite jacaranda tree!   Jacarandas are not native to Australia Jacarandas, also known as, jacaranda mimosifolia have been steadily growing in Australia for over 150 years, but despite this, are not native to Australia. Originally from parts of Central and South America, jacaranda seeds were thought to be brought along with sea captains sailing from South America, with Sir James Martin possibly planting the first...
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5 Tips for Rural Landscape Design
Rural landscape design can be intimidating and tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. You most likely have a lot of land you don’t know what to do with, while also having to consider how you’re going to blend your dream garden design with the surrounding bushland and native flora. So, with that in mind, we’ve put together our best tips for making your rural garden a beautiful reality: Fence it in If you have plants that may be eaten by wildlife then it may be worth installing a boundary fence secure the site with a fence. If you’ve...
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