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5 Tips for Rural Landscape Design

5 Tips for Rural Landscape Design

Rural landscape design can be intimidating and tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing.

You most likely have a lot of land you don’t know what to do with, while also having to consider how you’re going to blend your dream garden design with the surrounding bushland and native flora.

So, with that in mind, we’ve put together our best tips for making your rural garden a beautiful reality:

  1. Fence it in

If you have plants that may be eaten by wildlife then it may be worth installing a boundary fence secure the site with a fence. If you’ve got an old fence, think about transforming it with boundary screening plants that are sympathetic to the surrounding bush, this will help connect your space to its surrounds and evoke the sense of more land and expansiveness, while still giving you a sense of privacy.

  1. Keep it cohesive

It can be really tempting to go with every type of flower you like and see, but the key to achieving a great look is restricting yourself a little with your planting scheme. Look at how the different textures of plants work together and consider ways in how you can make grass work for you. We’d recommend to choose grasses like Lomandra, Poa and certain types of Miscanthus, as they’re low maintenance and well behaved and can be purchased in tube stock. When you have a large property fast growing plants  that can be planted small are a good cost saving solution.

  1. Say aloe to my little friend

Speaking of plants, succulents like Aloe , Crassula and Kalanchoe would be ideal as part of your rural garden design.  They’re drought tolerant, grow well in challenging soil conditions and can cope in direct sunlight. Not to mention, they’ll also give your garden some textural interest!

  1. Garden Lighting is Everything! Create some ambience

No longer does running garden lighting on a large property have to cost a bomb. Low voltage lighting will create a warm feeling throughout the garden that can be enjoyed from anywhere on your property and maximise the visual appeal 24hrs a day You could also consider incorporating LEDs through strip lighting under steps, benches to really set the mood.

  1. Perennial power

Perenials don’t have to be just decorative. Add some thyme and rosemary in groups for impact. Rosemary can be pruned heavily to create mounds or cloud shapes this gives a beautiful texture contrast to other plants and can be used to add flavour to your cooking. Helychrysnum is another great plant to add interest, it silver foliage provides a beautiful relief to a predominantly green garden.

For further inspiration with your garden, check out our previous rural landscape design project here. Alternatively, feel free to browse our services or get in touch with our friendly team today for more information on how we can help you achieve your dream rural garden.

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