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6 Pool Safety Tips

6 Pool Safety Tips

A swimming pool is a great feature for the home with added fun and maximum visual appeal. However, what should take place above all else is pool safety. Here are our basics for pool safety and ensuring compliance with the NSW Swimming Pools Act:

1. Adult Supervision

The number one rule for pool safety, especially water safety for kids is ensuring there is adequate adult supervision on hand. Make sure that there is always someone (18 years+) within arm’s reach of any child under 5, especially during parties and get-togethers.

2. Pool Gate to Open Outward

You must have a pool gate that opens outward from the pool. It has to be self-closing and self-latching, and the latch must catch on the first swing. Keep the latch higher than 1.5m above the ground, so kids can?t reach and open the handle. The accompanying swimming pool fence should then at least be 1.2m high, and not have any vertical gaps more than 100mm apart.

3. Establish Safe Swimming Behaviours

Establish and enforce safe swimming behaviours with children. Things like “no diving”, “don’t play near the drains” and “no running” are key tips for pool safety. Get them into the habit when they’re young!

4. Store Swim, Pool Toys & Floats in a Safe Space

Once you’re done with your swim, pool toys and floats should be removed from the pool and stored in a safe place, out of reach from a child. Having them laid out in a pool can look inviting to a child, making them inclined to go for a swim without you knowing. Any climbable objects like chairs and ladders should also be kept away from the area and surrounding pool gate, and trees and plants should be trimmed so kids can’t climb up into the pool.

5. Learn Basic First Aid & CPR

If you’ve got a home pool, a great tip for parents, guardians and pool owners is to learn basic first aid and CPR. It’s a good skill to have that has the potential to help prevent life threatening emergencies in the pool.

6. Stay Informed

Pool safety shouldn’t be taken for granted. For more information on how to make your pool safe and compliant, get in touch with the friendly Landart team today!

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