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Beautiful Ways to Landscape Around a Pool

Beautiful Ways to Landscape Around a Pool

Having a glistening pool in your backyard is the pinnacle of the Australian dream and is the perfect way to while away the hours enjoying summertime with friends and family. 

Whether you’re considering installing a pool or you’re looking for pool landscaping ideas for your already existing pool, read on to get inspired and see how you can turn your pool from simple and suburban to a lush, stylish, modern oasis that your family will never want to leave! 


Building an in-ground pool can be tricky. There are many council requirements that you’ll need to take into account, as well as thinking about your design, the engineering specifications, and the safety prerequisites, not to mention the budget. Besides having an in-ground pool design professional on your side to handle everything from start to finish, the best thing you can do is to plan your in-ground pool carefully and think about what kind of landscaping you’d like to have before you start. 

The good thing about in-ground swimming pools when it comes to pool landscaping ideas is that they’re the most flexible type of pool to work with.


When considering pool landscaping designs for your in-ground swimming pool, think about the following:

When selecting plants for landscaping your pool, consider:

  • How easy you need them to be maintained
  • What type of water you will have in your pool and how that will affect the surrounding plants
  • How much privacy you’d like from your neighbours
  • The design and theme of your home and any existing landscaping elements
  • The climate that you live in and the microclimates that your landscaping choices may create
  • The borrowed landscape (surrounding trees and neighbouring gardens)
  • The size and shape of the area to be landscaped
  • Balancing your landscaping
  • The proportion of your landscaping
  • Creating unity within your landscaping
  • Adding variety through choosing a range of colours, textures and scents


When it comes to ‘around the pool’ landscaping ideas, many people want to add height, usually for privacy and to provide scale to surrounding built forms. The more you can screen fence neighbouring houses and structures the more your pool space and back yard will feel like your own private oasis. There is nothing worse than an outdoor area without some lush foliage surrounding it. 

Choosing the right plants to go around your pool can be a fantastic way to make your backyard landscape really come alive and can tie your internal and outdoor spaces together to create a seamless flow. 

Create layering with your planting by choosing plants that grow at a variety of different levels and to a variety of different heights, as well as making sure they fit the overall look/feel of your home with their texture, colour and size. Here are some ideas for plants that work well in pool landscaping designs. 

  • Banksia
  • Blueberry Ash
  • Podocarpus
  • Syzygium
  • Viburnum
  • Magnolia

For the different levels of cover, use a variety of plants to create interest and intrigue through colourful layering. 

  • For height and boosting privacy:
    • Laurus Nobilus – Bay Laurel
    • Olea Europa – Olive tree
    • Banksia Integrifolia- Coastal Banksia
    • Kentia Palm
    • Livistonia
  • For mid-level planting:
    • Gardenia
    • Westringea Fruiticosa – Coastal Rosemary
    • Rosemarinus Officianalis – Rosemary
    • Cycas Revoluta – Cycad
    • Philodendron ‘Xanadu’
  • For ground cover: 
    • Trachylospermum – Star Jasmine
    • Ophiopogon Japonicus – Mondo Grass
    • Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’ – Silver Dichondra
    • Senecio Serpens – Blue Chalk Sticks
    • Nepeta Species – Catmint


Be careful with the following information. This can either be done really well or really badly and there is a fine line between the two. This is where using a professional landscape designer should really come into play.

For modern pool landscaping design, you can highlight your pool with features such as waterfalls, bridges and fire pits. Adding a waterfall to your pool design creates a relaxing and luxurious ambience, while bridges can be a triple threat – fun for the kids, functional for getting around your garden and a beautiful aesthetic. 

If you have an outdoor living area that’s close to your pool (e.g. a deck or patio), adding a fire pit can be a stand-out feature for gathering with family and friends, adding a warm and cosy feel to any occasion. 


Whether you’re looking to have an individual plunge pool installed or a spa that’s attached to an existing pool, there are plenty of spa and plunge pool landscaping ideas that can work well within any kind of space. 


When it comes to plunge pool landscaping designs, the coping you choose for your pool is extremely important. It should complement your surrounds seamlessly. When we are designing pools, we often try to hide or incorporate the pool coping so it is not a standout item and nestles into the landscape more. Here are some ideas of choices for your pool area border. Be careful when selecting any of these and make sure they connect with other elements/looks in your space.

  • Concrete – perfect to complement mid-century modern and minimalist home designs
  • Brick – durable and available in a huge variety of colours
  • Concrete Pavers 
  • Timber – stunning natural material, but will require sealing, sanding and sealing
  • Natural Stone – Available in an assortment of colours and sizes
  • Porcelain Tile


Adding lighting to your pool can not only provide a safe environment for your family and friends to swim in at night, but can also create a stunning visual effect. Make your plunge pool shine and increase the overall ambience of your pool landscaping design with some strategically placed lighting. 

Underwater LED pool lighting is energy efficient and will save money on your bills, consuming as little as 42 watts. LED lighting also lasts 50x longer than incandescent lighting. 

You can also add pretty string lights or rope lights to your outdoor area for a soft lighting effect that improves the ambience of your plunge pool. 


Infinity pools are in-ground pools that blend in with their surroundings as it appears as if one (or more) edges of the pool disappears into the horizon. Infinity swimming pools are incredibly gorgeous and relaxing to swim in and can bring a sense of luxury to any pool landscaping design. For pool landscaping ideas for infinity swimming pools, take a look at these projects from the expert team at Landart. 


If you’re building a new pool and you’re wanting to have the best of the best landscaping around it to highlight your new backyard feature, or if you’re wanting to update the landscaping around your existing pool – look no further than Landart. 

Adding value, functionality and considered style to your swimming pool vision is our primary focus. With an in-house Sydney team full of experienced and passionate pool designers, architects, builders, structural landscape specialists and more, we’ll be sure to bring your vision to life.

View our portfolio to see our completed landscaping projects, or alternatively, for more information about our pool services in Sydney, please call the team on (02) 9199 0680 now.

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