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House and Garden

House and Garden

The brief was simple: Entice our family outdoors.

The area? Not so much. With a former tennis court, 800 square metres and just an expanse of grass, we were tasked with the opportunity to take a large space of turf and turn it into something more; more multi-purpose, more multi-faceted and more multi-dimensional for a quintessential family of 4.

With a wish list that included a pool, an entertaining area, a space for a trampoline and ball sports, while also combining visual interest and intrigue, the Landart team were thrilled to work on this landscaping challenge.

The first problem we had to address was how to seamlessly integrate the transition between the house and garden. The tennis court had been raised a metre above the level of the back door, which created a disconnect from the garden to the house. In order to resolve this, we installed a spacious patio with long, open inviting stairs that led to a number of different entertaining zones. The steps itself are wide and deep so they not only invite guests up to the second level of the garden, but they also encourage guests to sit and talk. We also incorporated a sunken fire pit to get more use out of the garden, an open and inviting lawn, a travertine tiled pool that stays cool underfoot even in summer, a pavilion with an insulated roof and a bar equipped with an integrated BBQ and drinks fridge. There’s definitely plenty of engaging spaces to retreat to and enjoy.

In terms of greenery and foliage, with a garden this scale, it’s important to keep the colour palette really simple and limited. This helps bring a sense of cohesion and unity to the design. The colour scheme we’ve applied within this brief only includes seven species. The pear trees we used are underplanted with Asiatic Jasmine, with sweet viburnum growing along the boundaries. The pear trees are also pleached to create a thick and lush canopy providing ample coverage that’s less imposing than a regular tall hedge and helps to frame and enhance the fel of separate garden rooms without boxing in the spaces.

All in all, our goal was to create something that exceeded our client’s expectation. We believe we met that with our considered design and practical, yet aesthetic approach. For more on how we helped our client achieve their dream outdoor space, check out the full article in House and Garden here.

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