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How To Build The Perfect Outdoor Shower 

How To Build The Perfect Outdoor Shower 

There is nothing quite like taking a refreshing outdoor shower after a long day. You can create this luxury experience in your own home by building a shower in your outdoor living area. Whether you have the space for an enclosed indoor outdoor bathroom, or just want to install an outdoor shower head, you can use this guide for ideas and tips on building your ideal outdoor shower. 

What are the benefits of an outdoor shower? 

Outdoor showers are simply showers that are built outside, whether that’s in your garden or by the pool. They can consist of simply a shower head, or you can get creative with different features and designs. Besides infusing your backyard with a resort-style experience, an outdoor pool shower has many benefits, including: 

  • Convenience: An outdoor shower is perfect for rinsing off after you’ve been swimming, gardening or exercising. It’s also a practical way to clean your pets or wash off your kids after they’ve been outside, preventing dirt and sand from getting into the house.
  • Keep cool on a hot day: You don’t need to have a pool to build an outdoor shower in your backyard. They make for a relaxing way to cool down on a hot day, and you can even use accessories to replicate the serenity of being by the beach.
  • Extend your living space: Whether you have a big family or enjoy hosting overnight guests, it can be helpful to have an extra bathroom space.

What do you need in an outdoor shower?

While there are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating, there are a few essentials you’ll need to build an outdoor shower, including: 

  • Plumbing and drainage: Besides ensuring you have excellent water pressure, it can be helpful to consult a professional about your local council regulations.  Drainage regulations vary by state and might differ if you install a hot water system. 
  • Water source: Your water source will depend on the location of your outdoor shower. If your shower is located close to your house, you can connect to an existing water line. Alternatively, you could connect to a garden hose or use a portable water source. 
  • Outdoor shower head: With everything from handheld, rainfall and multi-function options, you’re sure to find a shower head that adds to the blissful experience of bathing outdoors. 
  • Flooring: No matter what material you choose, it’s important that your outdoor shower flooring is slip resistant, comfortable and can withstand water. Some common materials include natural stone, concrete, wood and tiles. 

What materials are used for an outdoor shower?

The materials you choose will set the ambiance for your outdoor shower, but it’s important to consider durability and maintenance. Here are some of the best materials when it comes to building an outdoor shower: 

  • Natural stone: Materials including granite and slate come in a range of colours and provide a natural, rustic look. However, it can be difficult to clean. 
  • Wood: Using wood is an excellent non-slip option that can add warmth to your space. It’s important to choose rot-resistant wood such as cedar or redwood. 
  • Stainless steel: For a modern aesthetic, stainless steel is a suitable choice for shower heads and fixtures. It’s corrosion-resistant but can be a more expensive option.
  • Tiles: Choosing tiles for your outdoor shower allows you to be creative with colours and patterns. Tiles with textured surfaces are often more slip-resistant for flooring.
  • Copper: Copper outdoor shower heads can create a contemporary look. Copper is resistant to corrosion and rust, making it a fitting material for your outdoor shower. 

Are outdoor showers difficult to maintain? 

If you choose the right materials and clean consistently, an outdoor shower is not difficult to maintain. Here are a few tips to ensure you can enjoy your backyard luxury for years to come: 

  • Regular cleaning: Just like an indoor bathroom, your outdoor shower will need to be cleaned to remove dirt and grime. The frequency will depend on the materials of your shower but consistent cleaning will make it easier for you to maintain.
  • Air it out: Allow air and sunlight to dry your outdoor shower by opening up any doors or curtains. This will prevent mould and smells from developing.
  • Drainage: Protecting your drain with a screen will prevent debris from becoming stuck, but you’ll also need to remove the drainage cover regularly to prevent clogs. 
  • Material maintenance: Find out what maintenance is required before choosing a material for your outdoor shower. For example, you’ll need to seal stone and tiles to make them more durable and water resistant. 

How do you design an outdoor shower? 

Don’t know where to start when it comes to design? Here are a few outdoor shower ideas to get you started:

  • Location: To create a space where you can relax and unwind, choosing the right location is important. You might want to consider aspects like privacy and proximity to your pool or entrance to your backyard. 
  • Layout: The layout of your outdoor shower will depend on the space you have to work with. A simple open air shower head will create a minimalist look, but you could also add features like storage, seating, mirrors or a bathtub – the possibilities are virtually endless. 
  • Materials: You can get creative with textures and colours to create your ideal space. For a contemporary or industrial vibe, opt for concrete, copper or stainless steel. Wood and bamboo can create a natural atmosphere, whilst stone can evoke elegance.
  • Accessories: You could personalise your outdoor shower space with lush plants, cosy lighting or even speakers. Some practical additions include towel hooks and privacy screens. 

No matter what style you’re after, the Landart team can help you bring tranquillity into your backyard with our specialised design approach. Our in-house Sydney team of experienced garden designers and builders will consider your individual needs and budget to create your dream outdoor shower space.  

If you would like to book a consultation or enquire about Landart’s services, please contact us.

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