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7 Tips for your Outdoor Feature Wall

7 Tips for your Outdoor Feature Wall

Outdoor feature walls are having a moment and it’s not just about aesthetics they can go a long way to framing a space and providing a more protected , private and intimate area– and here at Landart, we’re all for it.

We’ve started to notice more and more requests for outdoor living rooms and the need for privacy with outstanding feature walls.

With space at a premium in Sydney, it definitely makes sense to maximise what you currently have with the installation of a feature wall, as they’re not only functional, but also, help to increase the value of your property. Sprucing up one wall is also a great way to add visual interest without redesigning and redoing your entire backyard.

Here’s 7 of our best tips when considering an outdoor feature wall:

  1. Foundation, foundation, foundation

If the foundation in and around the wall, and the wall itself isn’t secure, then problems will most definitely arise down the track. Always double check (and triple check!) your foundations, so as to avoid future and costly complications.

  1. It’s not just about colour

An outdoor feature wall doesn’t always need to have a big and bold colour. Play around with complementary patterns, materials, lighting and plants to draw attention and create a focal point. Stone walls are very popular, as they help catch the eye, but also, provide warmth and texture.

  1. Not all walls deserve centre stage

Don’t just highlight a wall for the sake of it. Some walls should be painted dark and left to recede. Consider your entire outdoor space and whether or not each wall adds or detracts positive attention.

  1. Make it rain

A water feature is a great way to highlight a feature wall. Create your own little paradise with an effortless accent to existing foliage.

  1. Lights, camera, action

If your outdoor feature wall is made from brick or tile, consider adding lighting to enhance the ambience for entertaining. The right lighting can develop shadows and create texture that’ll make the wall a stand-out feature.

  1. Build in seating

Turn one corner into a functional communal spot with built in seating and shelter. This can double up as a cosy entertaining area or even as storage. It also helps keep your space looking open and inviting.

  1. Green is in

Green feature walls are becoming increasingly popular. Whether you go for an artificial or real one, a green wall can make a big impact, helping to capture attention.

If you’re after professional help with your outdoor feature wall, the team at Landart can help you. Check out our past landscaping projects here for further inspiration, or alternatively, feel free to get in touch with the team here.

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