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Seaforth Classic Landscape & Pool Design

This pool and landscape design project which was designed and built by Landart is a testament to what can be achieved with an open space. The original rear garden had a tennis court and was raised a metre or more above the level of the house immediately outside the back door. The landscape design intended to resolve the level change in an inviting, open way that softened the transition between the house and the garden and opened up the rear garden to create an interesting outlook from the house. We used the natural levels to minimise excavation and resolved the level change with steps and a pool spillover. Contemporary finishes and techniques were mixed with classic details to achieve this elegant pool and landscape design. We believe the use of spaces is balanced and there is intrigue in each area that invites you to explore, sit and enjoy some quiet time. When in the mood, it easily converts to the most amazing entertaining space for all ages.

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