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MANLY Villa relaxation

It was such a pleasure to design on such a unique block rarely found so close to the beach. A relatively flat block, it was the subtle level changes between the built forms and the gardens that enabled some creative design opportunities in the form of boardwalks and decks. These have been designed in a way that evokes a sense of the coast, meandering along a boardwalk with a body of water, grass or garden beneath you. That small, almost unnoticed separation makes all the difference. The pool has been comfortably nestled into a corner with limestone paving that also descends into the pool and throughout it, creating a beautiful water tone. The homeowner is fastidious about the lawn which is like a bowling green, and the garden needed to create holiday vibes where barefoot living is demanded as well as desired by anyone entering the Villa.

Design and Construction by Landart
Design team Matt Leacy and Tom Wright
Photography Jason Busch

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