Having a pool as part of your home’s landscape does so much more than just provide a place for your family and friends to plunge on a scorching hot summer’s day. If planned correctly, your swimming pool design can take the ambience of your home to the next level, offering a stunning crown jewel for your garden or a balanced addition to the natural landscape.

Landart’s pool designs are crafted around the pillars of innovation, functionality, beauty and appreciation for the environment. We approach every one of our pool design projects with fresh eyes, liaising with our clients to ensure we deliver a pool design that suits exactly how you use your pool and the dream vision you have for your space.

Our Landart pool design team’s wealth of knowledge and years of swimming pool design experience has led us to be industry leaders in Sydney pool design. We’ve completed pool design projects in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, the Northern Beaches, the North Shore, South Sydney and Sydney Inner City.

Having a pool design expert involved in your project right from the outset will ensure your pool design ends up being a destination of pleasure and relaxation for your whole family, blending seamlessly with its surrounds to create a glistening inclusion you just can’t help but enjoy – whether submerged in it or from afar.