The concept stage is a plan of your space and may include 3D/section elevations and mood images. This plan is very detailed and enables you to visualise our landscape design. We believe that by the time the concept stage is finished, you should know what your space will look like and have an understanding of the basic planting and colour palette. The plan will also give you a good idea of how the space will feel and function, as well as a genuine and transparent preliminary cost estimate, so that you feel secure, fully-informed and comfortable embarking on the next stages of your landscape design.


3D Virtual Tours

We proudly offer clients the ability to put on a pair of our specialist 3D goggles to virtually enter their project space and visualise our designs in ways that previously wouldn’t have been possible. With realism and detail, our 3D virtual tours get clients as close as possible to experiencing the landscape design before it is built. In particular, we find this service is great for clients who struggle to visualise or are about to embark on a large project.


Complying Development Certificate (CDC) or Development Application (DA)

If your project needs a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) or a Development Application (DA), Landart will devise a path and develop and submit the documentation for the submission. Landart is experienced in difficult blocks and challenging submissions.


Detail/Construction Documentation

Detailed construction drawings of your landscape design are essential in providing clarity to our on-site team (and to you) when it comes to installing your project. They also underpin best practice and are critical in helping us to deliver a first-rate landscape design. These drawings typically consist of the detail and specifications required to create elements such as retaining walls, pools, guest houses/bathrooms, outdoor kitchens, cabanas/ pavilions, decks and bathrooms. We also work on your behalf with engineers and other consultants when necessary to ensure the project is built to Australian and structural standards.

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