So, you haven?t been blessed with a large outdoor space. That?s okay!

Just because you have a small garden, that doesn?t mean you can?t have the garden you want. With some expert advice on small garden design ideas, you can have the most petite of gardens looking grandiose and exuberant in no time. If you think that you might struggle in the design of your garden, then you should check out professional landscaping who can provide you with the best design possible for your garden. If this is an idea that interests you then why not check out someone like Legion Landscaping to give you a better idea of what you could do with your small garden space. As an idea… If you have various gardening tools, spades, forks and maybe a strimmer you could take a look into the sheds for sale in warren, oh. This would create an indoor area to store your tools and maybe even some plants during the winter months. Strawberries as an example.

  1. Add one oversized feature

    This may seem contradictory as a small garden idea, but having one oversized feature like a fountain, gazebo, arbour or gate can help act as a focal point to draw attention in and deemphasize the size restrictions of your garden. You could even implement a large pond and create a beautiful water garden if you wanted to do something unusual. If you already have one then make sure that it always looks appealing by getting plants for your water garden!

  2. Create a living wall

    Where ground space is limited, a living wall can help make a big impact. Giving you more room at your disposal to grow plants, they?re also the perfect way to disguise unsightly and plain walls. Choose plants like succulents, ferns, begonias and vegetables like Asian greens, herbs and lettuce as they have shallow root systems.

  3. Choose the right type of trees

    Instead of choosing trees that grow big and wide, opt for outstanding upright shrubbery like your Magnolias, Persian Ironwoods, Maples and Pyrus? to give you shade without taking up a lot of space.

  4. Go for light, neutral colours

    Another small garden design idea is to go for light, natural colours as this helps give the illusion of space. Think of using colours like white, beige, grey and muted pastels to make your garden look bigger than it really is.

  5. Add length with a narrow lap pool

    Swimming pools don?t have to be just for large gardens. Add length to your small garden with a narrow lap pool for big impact.However, it?s important to remember that small spaces often have more challenges than large areas, as you need to consider each and every square centimetre.Ensure you enlist the pool construction services of a professional who understands your needs and has the experience to achieve your desired outcome.

  6. Consider seating choices

    To maximise the most of your small space, consider using built-in seating placed strategically in a corner. This will help your space feel less crowded and leave the rest of your garden looking wide and open, especially if you?re planning on entertaining quite frequently. You could also extend this to your plantings and shrubbery by placing them along the perimeter.

  7. Settle on a curved walkway

    Another way to make a big statement with a small garden is to create a curved walkway. Rather than a straight and blunt path, the flowing shape of a curved walkway can give visitors the sense that they?re travelling through a large landscape.

If you?ve got big ideas for your small garden, don?t fret. The Landart team can help turn your vision into a reality with our bespoke landscaping services. For more on how the team can help you today, please call (02) 9958 0462 or fill out our contact form here.